Confession: I am a horrible blogger, so say we all.

Catch-up: We are fantastically happy in Bend, Oregon. We just bought our first house a couple months ago. We are going to be broke for the rest of our lives. But that doesn’t matter because I have this lovely backyard to come home to every night.

Context: I’m writing tonight of all nights about storytelling. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into writing. Maybe excuse isn’t the right word … inspiration? idea?

A few days ago I thought about starting a blog or tumblr around beer stories – short reviews of a particular beer told as a story. I was enjoying a particularly tasty beer that night:

But the last thing I need is another blog / feed to eventually go quiet.

Tonight, in this miracle called a home, I was unpacking another box and discovered a small game called “Story Cubes” that I had hidden away at least a year ago, thinking it would make a great gift for someone someday but I ended up forgetting it or keeping it. So I played myself a game of Story Cubes and wrote a microcuento from that:

It took some work but I managed to unlock the rusty old gate with the key I found in the lavender patch. Once the gate was open, an old stone bridge stretched out before me.  Moss grew over the edges and weeds pulled at the columns.  I carefully made my way across and felt my eyes shift to take in the extraordinary colors of the garden growing as far as I could see.  Impossible plants of impossible rainbows sparkled everywhere I looked.  With the courage of such a discovery, I decided to take a gamble with my luck and risk disturbing one tiny little fraction of the peaceful splendid scene.  I plucked a single apple-like fruit from a nearby tree-like plant.  That was when I heard the voice behind me.

Maybe this is the direction this blog will start moving now? I imagine, given time, I’ll start writing about library things again … or maybe I won’t. Maybe this blog will become an outlet for my home self or for a self I haven’t quite met yet.