Now playing on my office headphones:  Solsbury Hill by Erasure

This morning Mark and I walked under a sky of rain and rainbows.  This afternoon, as I walked back to my office from the Campus Center with a hot cocoa in hand, I watched the student athletes running pell mell through the puddles of the sports field. Many of the athletes were barefoot, splashing from one small pond to the next.  The campus flock of pigeons swooped by, on their daily migration from one rooftop to another, and I looped between the small tidy mounds of pine needles that had been raked together at random intervals across the green library lawn.

This evening we will meet friends downtown for a tasting of Oregon-born beer and cheese. How are things going in Bend?  Things are beautiful.

“You can grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.”   — Solsbury Hill