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This semester (Spring 2012) I’m involved with a class called Writing for the Web.  This class is full of experiments and a wonderful group of students who have been really great sports about trying said experiments.  One of the things we’re playing with is using twitter for out-of-class discussions (and sometimes in-class, too).

I’ve been curious about how other classes are using tools like twitter for their communication, so I’ve been collecting hashtags and readings. I’m listing them here without commentary in case other folks are searching for such materials. If you know of a class or a relevant reading, please share in the comments!



“Why Tweet? (And How To Do It)” by Anne Trubek

Jay Rosen interview on his Twitter strategy

Who Gives a Tweet – Carnegie Mellon

Alan Jacobs – The Sentences of Twitter

Classroom Backchannel – ProfHacker

Anatomy of an Idea – Steven Johnson