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01/24/2011 – Day 1 of Library Day in the Life

Working Noon to 8pm today since it’s my turn at evening reference. Spent the morning putting together a short proposal outline with graphics for a big transformation project that the library and campus IT are working on together. Emailed it out to fellow editors… waited impatiently for feedback.

Got to work at 11am since I couldn’t take the waiting anymore. Quickly answered some emails and in so doing, scheduled a Skype call between an iPad-in-education guru in Scotland and the head of our campus IT. Sweet!

Walked around one of the target renovation areas of the library with my director, pointing at shelves and ceilings, and saying “Oh my…” several times.

Reviewed several articles and blog posts read last week relevant to the projects we have coming up — Lorcan Dempsey’s post about collections ( http://orweblog.oclc.org/archives/002151.html ), the Educause Learning Spaces book ( http://www.educause.edu/LearningSpaces ), and OCLC’s NextSpace issue on ROI for 2020 (not on their website yet).

Added batch of new books to our WorldCat list and tags; most of them were Critical Insights – discovered that the link to SalemPress doesn’t show up in our Local WorldCat, only in the old catalog … someday we will be able to afford the OPAC we need.

Sent out a friendly reminder about the “Let’s Talk” session for Tuesday — this is a bi-weekly casual conversation series that I set up last semester for folks on campus to talk about any techie topics that might be on their mind. It’s had really good feedback from faculty and staff who *want* to go but also rather low attendance (maybe 3 – 6 people). This semester I’m trying a different time slot in hopes it will be easier for folks to participate.

Answered a question from our sister campus on the other side of the state about resources for their online instructors. I find that whenever I send out an email to all employees, I get at least 2 or 3 emails back on completely unrelated subjects. It’s like just seeing a librarian’s name reminds people of questions they want to ask. I find that fascinating.

Read through the summary report of local survey findings on faculty attitudes toward technology. We are lucky to have a very intelligent person for campus assessment and she’s fun to work with, too. Hoping to pick her brain about measurement tools for the library as we move ahead on big projects that require plenty of supporting data.

Talked with IT head about possible grant sources for our big collaboration venture / library remodel. Did some scheduling / juggling of phone calls and meetings. Finally tracked down a couple printing extensions for Google Chrome after repeatedly “printing” ugly PDFs. Why no print preview? Why?  Thanks to Twitter, found a couple Chrome extensions that partly fill that void.

Checked out a couple of our new books because I can’t help myself.

Worked all evening with the library director on our proposal document, editing meticulously in hopes of getting it right. Both of us really wishing we had other people to bounce it off of. Specifically, people who know what the college president is looking for. Went home and half-watched the first episode of Dollhouse while recreating and tweaking a graphic to explain how staff of the Library and IT Center will overlap with the new collaboration model we’re working on.