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We are introducing a lot of people to the iPad at my library and many of these folks — probably most — have no experience with an iOS device.  This part of Iowa has no AT&T 3G reception so most folks are on Verizon or other carriers.  The checklist below gives folks who are old pros at iOS a nice reminder of the features that are not immediately intuitive to newbies.  (Heck, did you know that you can get back to the beginning of a long page just by tapping the time in the status bar at the top?)

I am sure I’ve left out important features so please feel free to leave additions in the comments.  I’ve left the wording very simple to just serve as memory joggers.


  • outside buttons – volume, rotation lock (iPad), power, home
  • speakers, microphone (iPad), headset jack

Basic Screen

  • top bar: wifi signal, time, battery status
  • dock, swipe screens, dots show screen number
  • hold icon to move apps around, move apps on dock


  • wifi, brightness (Auto Brightness is better for battery)
  • General — About, Sounds, Passcode

App: Safari

  • tap in address bar, use X to clear the field (type nyt.com to get plenty of text & nice long screen to play with)
  • hover on a link to open in a new tab
  • changing tabs, closing tabs
  • click plus to add a bookmark, email a link
  • hover on a word to select, drag blue dots, copy
  • scroll down, then tap time in top bar to get back to top
  • zoom with fingers, double tap or pinch
  • press at the same time – power button on top and home button – to take a screenshot
  • (screenshots will be saved to “Photos” automatically)

App: Notes

  • tap to get keyboard
  • tap and hold for pop-up menu to paste
  • use magnifying glass to edit, drag to place cursor

Spotlight search

  • always the screen to the left of your 1st home screen
  • searches email, calendar, notes, apps
  • priority can be changed in Settings