So it’s been over a year since I wrote in this blog.  And, funny enough, the last post was coming from the eve of ALA Annual 2009.  Here it is the eve of ALA Annual 2010 so it seems like an appropriate time to take up these reigns again.

Just like last year, I am attending the conference with a group of international visitors as part of the Mortenson Center team.  Last year we had librarians from China with us.  This year we have 18 librarians from Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.  We’ll all be attending the IRRT pre-conference this morning so if you’re there please say hi!

This is also a transition conference for me — at previous conferences I’ve focused on international sessions and technology-oriented events.  But now that I’m moving into a reference / instruction role in just a matter of weeks, my selections have shifted to information literacy, pedagogy, and outreach.  I feel like a fish who suddenly sprouted legs, trying to figure out where to spend my time.