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Calling all library conference organizers!  Please look at this website:  http://thatcamp.org/

This is one of the friendliest conference websites I’ve seen in a long, long time.  Why?

The When, What, and Who are neatly laid out in the top navigation bar (as “Schedule” “Blog” and “Campers” respectively).

The conference’s name could not be clearer – front and center on the main page with the acronym spelled out and a very brief description underneath.  Wonderful!

The home page is simple:  navbar, info, blog and twitter.  That’s it.  The other pages are also neat and clean, with the schedule laid out in a simple table and the Campers all presented with little icons for eye-candy and plenty of white-space to make for easy skimming.

The only things I would do differently:

Put the Campers in some sort of order (!) … are they in any order?  I know the alphabet is arbitrary but it’s better than nothing.

Create a “Trends” tab that gives some auto-generated visuals of the current hot topics — such as a tag cloud from the blog or a Wordle cloud from the tweets.  Some sort of topic browsing somewhere would be nice as a way to filter the information from those lucky, enthusiastic campers.  🙂

I must say the website alone makes me a little jealous, but the content coming out of THATCamp *really* makes me wish I was there.  All sorts of fascinating questions coming up!  I only wish I had time to follow it all.  Keep up the great talks, THATCampers.