We interviewed the student intern today and this is going to work out great!  I’m trying to get an orientation outlined for Thursday when the student starts.  Lots to do between now and then and so little time!

Also got a request in email to advertise or announce applications for a couple library awards.  Which brings me back to a question I’ve been grappling with a lot — what is the best communication tool for us?  Our website does not get that much traffic and most of the traffic we do get is for the Associates application.  In Facebook, on the other hand, we have the Mortenson Center group with over 200 members now.  But if I post a link to the group for these announcements, will that go to people’s news feeds?  How do we know it will get seen?  Well we don’t.  No matter what tool we use.

I’m thinking about starting a Twitter account for the Center and creating a Facebook “persona” too.  Still exploring these options.