I fall prey to the New Year’s reflection & introspection tendency as much as anyone else. It’s been a strange week of having to look backward in order to look forward.  I’m applying for jobs and trying to beef up my resume and cover letters, but doing so requires going back through my scattered paper and digital memories to assemble a list of Great Things I’ve Done To Convince You To Hire Me.

But the memories are all mixed up, so with the records of job projects there are also notes from the personal side of life.  In my paper journal for last year, I found this entry:


Monday 29 October 2007

While waiting for a bus home, I imagined that aliens had asked me what I would like to see happen in the world, what would I want them to do if they were set on doing something to change us.

I would ask the aliens for a moment which required a build-up.  For several weeks beforehand, people might find themselves planning trips, slightly adjusting their routine, changing their routes home from work.  Then one day, the Moment comes.  At this Moment, everyone in the world will turn and see beside them the person they will love all their lives, and they will recognize this person for who they are, what they will mean to each other.  All around the world, people will embrace, introduce themselves, or laugh to find they’re standing next to their spouse and had the right answer all along.

I don’t believe we each have one specific “true love” person out there.  I think each of us has the potential for lifelong happiness with a variety of people, but circumstances will only put us in contact with very few of them… hopefully at least one of them.

What the Moment would do is open our eyes and finally reveal to us something we might have already known, or something we would have never suspected and been oblivious to otherwise.

It’s the oblivious possibility that bothers me.  What if I’m walking by my person on the street and not even seeing who it is?


Now, over a year later, I would amend that wish just slightly.  I wish for a Moment in which we all have a eureka moment and realize what IT is that each of us are so gosh-darn good at, and we’ll be able to use that knack to be helpful, productive, and happy.  I think both wishes are pretty similar — they’re simply about finding some missing piece of information about ourselves.