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Sunday, 10 August 2008

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20080810 IFLA

Sunday was a whirlwind yet felt impossibly long, too, due to being so very, very tired. The highlights were:
1. Lunch – I found Le Commensal (the awesome vegetarian buffet that Ellen told me about!) by accident while walking around the streets neighboring the convention center. Then Eve, Claudia, a LIS student from UW and I went back there for lunch after the Opening Ceremony. It was beyond my original expectations! Le Commensal is already one of the best parts of the trip. But even better than that was just sitting at the table and talking about libraries, library education, the library love/hate of Google, and so on. It was a great lunch.
2. The Exhibition Opening – each attendee was given two drink tickets in their IFLA bag to use at the Exhibition Opening and it was a mad house. A well-behaved, collegial mad house. I think GSLIS is the only booth that isn’t a product vendor. The other educational institutions present are there as book presses, not as academic programs. It’s an odd situation to be surrounded by business folks. But several people came by to say “Is so-and-so here?” or “How is so-and-so doing?” or the occasional alum to get their badge ribbon. A few people even asked about the Mortenson Center! I’m hoping this means we’ll have plenty of visitors during the poster sessions on Tuesday & Wednesday.