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I fly out today at 2:30, heading to Quebec City – land of vegetarian buffet restaurants and wacky festivals.

Yesterday I almost thought I’d be going empty-handed.  The conference poster I’m supposed to be bringing was originally delivered Wednesday, but … it wasn’t our conference poster.  That was returned to the printers Thursday morning and then I waited … and waited… and waited.  I called Friday morning, went back and forth with the printing office, got the news that the correct poster had been printed Thursday but the printer didn’t like how it looked so pitched it, but he wasn’t in today (Friday).

Thankfully, they did print it again and laminate it and deliver it that afternoon.  At that point I immediately ran out the door since I still needed to pack.

So all is well now.  I have the poster.  I have the hand outs.  And sure, our hotel overbooked itself and bumped many of us off to a place twenty minutes away from downtown and the convention center (when we had been *connected* to the convention center) but it’s all good.  Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.