The Fall, 2006 film

I’m discouraged, disheartened, and disappointed by the reports of Google’s absence at ALA Anaheim.  Anaheim??  I mean… c’mon!  On top of that, there was the one-year anniversary of the last post on Google’s Librarian Blog.  What a rotten, passive-aggressive way to break up with someone, Google.  What, no phone call?  No text message?  Not even a Gmail chat to ask how we’re doing?

How can I continue to be your renegade evangelist to librarians if you don’t make an effort?  That would be like Obama’s reps making all his speeches for him.

But then… you don’t have to make speeches.  You’re the only one running for the office of World’s Supreme Internet Presence.

(…seemingly random transition…)

This past weekend I went to the little art theatre in town and saw The Fall.  Oh, I could gush and gush about this movie.  If you love beautiful images, images so rich and lovely they seduce you as they go by, then you should see this movie while it’s still on the big screen.  Storyline… eh.  Characters… eh.  Beautiful?  As Molly Bloom says in Ulysses: “like mad yes I said YES”.

The little girl in the movie is a charmer.  I usually get very bored very quickly with little kid gimmicks in movies, but this kid was amazing.  And when she gets scared, she says “Googly googly googly, go away!”

I have since learned that “googly” is a cricket term, but my first thought was… well, you don’t need me to tell you, do you?  The word sounds vaguely like a certain internet giant, doesn’t it? But it seems so ironic to me that this different-by-one-letter word would be used to fend off something big and scary when it sounds so much like something big (and becoming scary) in our own world.  And will I continue to use Google services and show others how to use them?  I’d like to say “no” but whenever I start to do that, some little voice in my head says something about resistance and futility… .