letterpress [ Click on the photo to see a slideshow of pics from class.]

For our final project in Letterpress Printing, we’re each creating a small broadside which will all be put together into a folio.  My broadside is a short Stephen Crane poem in a beautiful blue ink.  I’ll be hand-lettering the colophon with an old calligraphy pen, (for better or worse).

In the Flickr photos I mention another Pablo Neruda translation, which I printed for one of the first projects in class.  Here it is:

Verb (originally Verbo)   by Pablo Neruda (tr. Sara Quinn Thompson)

I’m going to rumple this word,
I’m going to twist it,
it is much too smooth
it’s as if a great dog or great river
with tongue or water passed over it
for many years.

I want that in the word
there can be seen the roughness
the metallic salt
the toothless strength
of the land,
the blood
of those who have spoken and those who have not.

I want to see the thirst
inside those syllables
I want to touch the fire
in that sound:
I want to feel the darkness
of the cry. I want
words as rough
as virgin stones.