What a day of coincidences…

This morning was my first time using Awaken – a little Mac application that wakes up your computer at a specified time, begins any playlist you chose from iTunes and gradually increases the volume over whatever time you set for it. So that went off at 4:30 this morning so that I would get up and get busy on the million and one things I needed to do this morning. And it actually worked! I actually got up!

THEN – we had an earthquake! And I was awake for the whole thing! Well, I was groggy. But I woke up very quickly after that. Know what I thought it was at first? I thought it was some incredible killer Midwestern wind that was going to finally blow over the cardboard house I live in. I’ve always thought that an earthquake would mean rattling and breaking and shattering sounds, but I didn’t get any of that. To be honest, I enjoyed it and was really hoping for some aftershocks. And did I do any of the things I woke up so early for in the first place? Of course not. I was on the phone and on chat like a silly high school girl. (Gosh, Napoleon…)

And today just happens to be the day of the GIS Workshop at GSLIS, which I signed up for a couple weeks ago. And you know the earthquake will be a big topic!

Is that cool or what?

Update 4/20/08: I just learned from Writer’s Almanac that the day of the Illinois 5.2 earthquake was the anniversary of a powerful 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.  That one also happened early in the morning but I don’t think anyone slept through it.  History is a small world.