Jay Ryan Jay Ryan

I went to a gallery opening last night, despite the bitter cold. No, really … bitter cold. The high yesterday was 13* Fahrenheit. The warmest wind chill we had was 2* Fahrenheit. But you know what? I still love cold weather. 🙂

Anyway, the gallery opening. I’m in a Museum Informatics class, and one of our assignments, naturally, is to visit museums. This gallery opening just happened to be this week, so I made the most of it. What a completely awesome way to see an art museum!! Usually, the atmosphere of this particular art museum is quiet, hushed whispers, empty. Last night, there was a very loud live band in the middle of the galleries, lots of people, wine, shouted conversations, laughing. It was great. And the art itself was not at all what I expected. Posters! by Jay Ryan.

And when I left the museum, I could see stars upon stars. I had forgotten how brilliantly clear the night sky can be on the coldest nights. Lesson learned: homework can be fun.