It’s the first day of Spring Semester.  Technically, I’ve already had my first class — a course from Pittsburgh on Information Visualization, which started last week — but my first UIUC class will be this morning:  Latin 101.  🙂

I’m also pleased to report that despite my fingers and legs freezing, despite my nose running and my eyes watering, I still love winter more than summer.  I love wearing a scarf, gloves and ear warmers.  I hate sweating while sitting still.   Will I still be saying this by the end of February?  Only time will tell.

One of my favorite morning commute routines is to look around the bus and see how many people are reading something, be it book, newspaper or magazine.  This morning I was delighted to see that almost half of the bus (about a dozen riders) were reading something!  And guess what … one of the items was an e-book reader.  That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone here in C-U reading one of these.  I asked the woman reading it how she liked it.  She said she’s had it for a couple years and still enjoys using it, except for the process of getting new books onto it.  She said that part can be a pain.  She has her eye on the “lighter, thinner” e-book readers that are out now, but she’s waiting for the prices to come down.

In other news – as anyone on the LibraryThing email list knows, you can now peruse the collections of dead people.   If you were to die tomorrow and suddenly become famous, what would your personal library look like?  Hmm…