Librarians and Databases. They were meant for each other. With all the data swirling around libraries, you’d think that librarians would have databases mastered.

This is, sadly, not the case. I’ve worked in three different academic libraries and in various departments of each library. Everywhere I go, the departments are crying out for specific little databases to help their everyday jobs – scheduling students at the desk, matching faculty to publishers, maintaining subject guides, coordinating events, and on and on. This should be something every librarian knows how to do and there should be a straightforward program that they can use to do it. But in each department I’ve seen, this valuable tool is dumped on the IT folks, which isn’t fair to them, because they don’t know how the librarians are going to use it.

What about you, dear reader? Whether you work in a library, an office, a store… do you ever find yourself thinking, “if we just had all this information centralized, life would be so much better!”