Due to my cell phone/Flickr settings, my phone posts still go to the blog at epist.wordpress.com. So I have a couple posts there recently on the Library of Congress and international library partnerships. The full, fleshed-out posts about ALA Annual stuff will be appearing here soon.

Before I left for the conference, I was really starting to wonder why I was coming to an ALA Annual. I’m still just a library student, I’m still figuring out what kind of library I want to work in … I started thinking Annual would just be too big and chaotic for me to really get anything out of it.

But now that’s just about over, I’m really glad I came. The cliche rings true – it’s all about the people. The social events alone have been worth the trip, and I’ve met all sorts of people with whom I hope to keep in touch. I even reunited with some folks from my former library homes, which was an extra special bonus. It’s ironic to me that there would be a conference pass strictly for the exhibits, as that was the least rewarding part of the conference to me (unless, of course, I win that iPhone). But I don’t have any sort of purchasing power and I think that’s what the exhibits are really designed for.

One last meeting and then I’m on the Metro to the airport.