A United Nations of Librarians

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We’re on top of the Library of Congress Madison building, over 100 countries represented. An incredible, beautiful mix of people.

[Added:] I attended this reception (and tour) right after a session on international library partnerships.  What a wonderful breath of fresh air that was!  After hearing about how much librarians need to brag more and trumpet their successes, this session was a fitting example of just that.  All the speakers had great success stories to tell and offered excellent concrete suggestions for making such partnerships work.  I’ll be posting notes and such on my new Librarienne blog once I get home.   The session on partnerships also sparked an idea for me along the lines of another recurring theme at this conference (recurring in conversation more than in sessions) about libraries and our woeful marketing practices.  The international partnership speakers all stressed the value of publicity.  I attended mainly sessions on technology or sessions on international matters, and I see a potential marriage between these two parties (meaning – completely different sets of people were following the tech sessions vs. the international sessions.  I felt like the only cross-over.) that could teach both sides some very valuable skills.  More on that to come.