I have taken several unintentional vacations from this blog this year – sometimes I’m too busy and sometimes I’m too burnt-out.  The past few weeks have been neither — I’ve just been pleasantly unbusy.  I ended up not taking any classes this first summer semester (Illinois has two semesters in the summer), which has given me time to catch up on all sorts of other things… like work, and being outside with my honey.

In a week, however, I will be back in class so I’ve been reading ahead a bit because these summer classes go so quickly.  I’ve been reading on web design, with the requisite references to the idea du jour being all about content vs. structure … HTML with CSS or XML with XSL … separate the content from the structure.   This goes right along with the workshop I attended a few months back about text encoding.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of our move to Illinois. Looking back, I’ve realized that it’s been a year full of content but void of structure.  That lack of structure has caused its own problems, which made it difficult to really process all the content.  The past couple weeks have been sort of a reprieve from the wave of new content, with this weekend being the cherry on top.  Last night, I watched rain drip off the roof and gather in a line on the bottom edge of each shingle, adjusting the shutter speed on my camera until the light was just right to catch that line of water on the shingles, but couldn’t quite get it.  I did catch some happy accidents instead, like raindrops in mid-fall and perfect colors of the roof against the trees.

Rain on the Roof