About a week ago, Jennifer and I posted about the need for a library student community and Karin took us up on the idea.  Lo and behold we now have LIS Students at Ning, which is a simple little community-making website.   Our little ning corner already has some great discussions going, such as:

– Does your school have a thesis or practicum?
– Figuring out this year’s ALA Annual in D.C.
– Doing the library science degree at a distance

But wait!  I can sense what you’re thinking … you don’t want yet another place to go check for updates and such.  No problem – you can tap into the site on the RSS feeds in the comfort of your own cozy reader:

– Read all the forums in one feed (RSS)
– Read posts to the Ning site (RSS)
– or, Read the aggregate of all members’ personal blogs, if they’ve shared the link (RSS)

For the good of us all, visit the Ning site at least once – lisstudents.ning.com – to sign up.  It’s simple and painless.  Use the “Sign Up” link in the black bar at the top and you won’t even have to deal with another window or the back button or anything.  Takes you less than a minute.