One of the biggest lessons I’m learning in grad school is time management … or, better put, how the absence of time management can really mess up every aspect of your life.  Smiles.

Maybe every student has a semester that they didn’t do quite right … I think this is mine.  I tried to pack in too many classes and too many jobs and here I am, barely half way through the semester, feeling like I’ve already run the marathon only to find this is just the turn-around point.

But just like a marathon (from what marathon-runners have told me), there’s a strange kind of high in there somewhere, too.  Less than two months ago I was in Prague at a library conference.  Today a whole gaggle of us are going to East St. Louis to survey community centers in low-income neighborhoods for computer labs.  How cool is that?   A few days ago I went to a lecture called “Visions of Time” given by a Princeton chronologist who, as if in irony, used faded black and white photocopied transparencies on a projector for his presentation.  I realized that was the first projector I’ve seen in use for, oh, six years at least.  It was like watching someone type on a typewriter.  It put things in perspective for me during this crazy term of back-to-back scheduling.  As fun as it’s been, next year I’m only taking 12 credits a term, tops.

Hopefully you’ll see some photos here soon of this weekend’s trip.  Updates to come.