As I have class in, oh, 15 minutes – I’m going to just give a bullet list of topics in my head:

– I’ve started using Google Reader instead of Bloglines.  Well, I haven’t even been reading my Bloglines feeds for a few months now, so trying out this new aggregator is also helping me reevaluate (and decrease) the number of blogs I try to keep up with.

– On the aforementioned Google Reader I read two nifty posts recently.

– The first post is about something we’ve all been waiting for: a Netflix-style book service.   I think the founders of BookSwim will find that people are much pickier about their books than they are about their movies, and having a limited catalog of just “in-print leisure reading” might not satisfy.  That said, I am delighted that someone is finally doing this and can’t wait to try it out!  My girlfriend will be so happy when I stop bringing home books to keep!

– The second post is the BBC asking – blogs or diaries?  Which one is better for what? I was surprised… really surprised … that the BBC even had journalists who were still using a diary format.  Is there any good reason to not put such a writing form into a blog? No, seriously, I’m really asking.  I can imagine specific kinds of diaries that are more narrative and don’t call for reader comments being better served by a diary than by a blog… I’ll have to read the article again and think about this one a lot more.  As a former diary (bleh!) journal-keeper, I do miss the bound paper and pen experience, but a website is a website is a website and should be reader-friendly in a wholly different, more dynamic way, yes?