A girl in one of my library classes made a comment (last week? two weeks ago?) about her frustration with blogs – the reverse chronology, to be exact. When she said that, I realized that I hadn’t even thought about the issue in a long time, but could remember fighting against it myself when I first started reading blogs. I would constantly set my Bloglines view to “Oldest first” and read the posts in proper chronological order. But recently I’ve been reading blogs as I find them – starting at the top and working backward, reverse chronology.

Time – or, our perceptions of this imaginary device we call “time – fascinates me. Thinking about the girl’s comment now, I conjure up other references to wacked out time in movies (Memento, and better still, Twelve Monkeys) and books (Einstein’s Dreams).

I bring up this whole “time” train of thought now because I had a dream last night about time. I hardly ever remember my dreams (unlike Susan) and even this memory of last night is hazy, indistinct. I was having a conversation with a handful of strangers (strangers to the real me, not the dream me) about time, about how inconsistent it is, and even as we were discussing time, time itself was… well… I guess you could say time was folding in on itself like bread dough being folded and kneaded. We would repeat ourselves, then skip ahead, then say something from a different conversation that we didn’t have, yet all the while we were still holding our time conversation, too. And we were all so calm and easy going about it, I think we were even laughing lightly, like you do after a good dinner when all the dishes are cleared away and you’re enjoying the last of your wine. We were completely relaxed – more relaxed than I’ve been in a long, long time. The real me was watching this and expecting something horrible to happen since time wasn’t behaving right, but the me in the dream was very happy about it all, enjoying the time bending like an amusement park ride.

Perhaps the real me associates time repeating with repeated mistakes. I’d like to know what that dream me was thinking about.