I’ve run across two very different approaches/perspectives/interpretations of the Web 2.0 trends in the last few weeks.  First, there was the famous text animation video from Kansas State U, which has already been blogged to death, receiving its fair share of praise and criticism.

Then I somehow did a time warp to the past – say, six months ago – while researching Web 2.0’s effect on information users and their privacy (or lack thereof).   On a new-to-me search engine, I ran across Dani B.’s blog, specifically her post from July 2006.

Now, both of these examples are fairly optimistic about Web 2.0, but it seems to me that the applications of that optimism are worlds apart.  I’d have to admit that I would toss my chips in with Dani on those rare moments when I leave cynicism aside.  I really appreciated her specific, all-too-real connection.  What good is all this information if we don’t use it to communicate with each other?   Is Dani’s example an isolated incident?  Sure.  But it speaks to a potential that the video above only skirts around.  Dani’s post is also the first time I’ve heard Web 2.0 associated with something visceral, corporeal, and possibly fatal.