I’ve been a fan of the band Magnetic Fields ever since I heard their “i” album.  This week I’ve been listening to the “69 Love Songs” set for the first time, a very appropriate choice for this time of the year… semester deadlines, application deadlines, holiday gifting and carding deadlines.  The ironies and contradictions of this season are so perfect with Stephin Merritt’s morbid sense of humor.  Stephin Merritt’s irony is so perfect with just about everything, actually.  Surely, everyone in academia is familiar with the absurdities required by all the university bureaucratic red tape and can sympathize with songs that have such great titles and lyrics as:

“I’m like a chicken with its head cut off”

“I’m crazy about you, but not that crazy”

“What if the show didn’t go on
What if we all got jobs and went to bed before dawn…”