subtitle: The small world of bloggers.

I have had some lucky coincidences lately.  The kind that make the whole six degrees of separation idea very real.  It started last week when I went to a talk by guest speaker Barbara Ganley called “Blogging in the Classroom” which was an excellent brown bag session.  Barbara has a wonderful enthusiasm for what she’s doing, and she’s enthusiastic about what other people are doing, too.  In fact, she mentioned several faculty bloggers at UIUC, including Christian Sandvig, the Spence-meister, and Lanny Arvan.

Connections – I know Spencer!  Spencer is cool.  Lanny posts about Akeelah and Barbara. Whoa!  I have Akeelah at home from Netflix right now and I haven’t watched it yet.  Creepy.  Blogging – I’ve been working on turning a newsletter at work into a blog and just last week I finally got the RSS feed to show up in our web page template correctly.

But my big question is — How do these people do it??  Look at Barbara’s blog, Lanny’s blog — these people can write pages and pages of really good stuff in just one post!  Add to that the links on my Blogroll that I haven’t kept up with … Tame the Web, Librarian in Black, the ever informative InfoTangle… and I feel like I’m not writing or reading anything!  Where do they find the time??  Just working at a computer for my jobs makes me want to put in a new pair of eyeballs and stare at trees for a long, long, long time until everything doesn’t look so pixelated anymore (note to self: big school doesn’t mean big budget for decent monitors).   There are many words for this feeling – information overkill, information overload, oversaturation – but very few solutions offered.  I *want* to keep up with all the great tid-bits and insights produced by all these great writers/bloggers, but at the same time I don’t want to be chained to a computer for 12 hours a day.  Suggestions?