Influences, suggestions, and eavesdrops of late:

— a viewing of the French film Far Side of the Moon, wherein a struggling PhD candidate repeatedly defends his thesis arguing that space exploration was a manifestation of man’s narcissism; in contrast, a scientist argues that it was not narcissism so much as soul-searching, self-exploration, and man wanting to know himself.  I could see this same argument being made for blogging.  Vanity vs. personal vetting. The space race as metaphor for our race against time, hoping to know ourselves before we’re gone.

— “nuking” – my girlfriend’s word for my habit of thinking about something until it’s been blown into ity bitty pieces to the point of not existing anymore, which reminds me of …

— “slow fires” mentioned in a library class, the steady deterioration of something from exposure to light, as often seen in libraries where books are in the direct light of windows and slowly get eaten away; along those same lines…

— acid paper … “a book with it’s death built into it”

— “digital death” … formerly new technology going obsolete

— “I could have died just then” … another view of deja vu