This week in a library science class, the subject of librarian respect came up… or rather, respect-for-librarians-NOT.  A lot of us have the same stories – we tell family we’re going into library school and they scoff… we tell friends and they say “You have to go to school for that?”… we tell our undergrad professors and they look – sad.

Where is the R E S P E C T?  Why are we so bad at self-promotion?  What gives?

Uh, well, let’s see.  We’re bookworms, for the most part.  We tend to be kinda anti-social, actually, or at least introverted.  We don’t have the sexiest stereotype going for us here.

Which is exactly what we need to play up!  Nerdy is the new sexy – look at Macs!  We need a movie made about us.  Something between Police Academy and Breakfast Club — a screwball comedy about goofy, quirky, smart rebellious  (oh yes. we have rebels.) young library students trying to get through school with their goofy, eccentric professors and mentors there to guide them or provide more comedic elements or both.  And, of course, these crazy library students will have crazy library jobs at various places involving porn-addicted patrons, bomb threats, false fire alarms, group therapy book clubs, and frequest requests for dates by total strangers.

And at the end… they all team up to battle… a censorship initiative! No. They all get hired by Google!  No.  They all have one more semester to go!