A few different things to fill you all in on; first of all, the hospital visit for Lori turned out to be not as serious as we feared, though she will be on painkillers and antibiotics for a few days.  There are so many aspects of that hospital visit that scare me in other ways… having to say we’re sisters in order to see her, not being able to hold her hand and comfort her while the nurses were around, not being able to say “I love you, it’ll all be okay” and so on.  And seeing all those senior citizen couples who thought nothing of getting up together when one of them was called… well, we all take different things for granted.

The new house/rental is working out great.  In fact, the landlady left us a wonderful surprise – stargazer lillies, bath soaps, and a scented candle were all waiting for us in the bathroom when we moved in.  Plus a nice little card reading “just a note to say ‘hi.'”  Most of our earthly possessions are sitting in their boxes out in the garage.  We were trying to return the rental truck quickly, and we didn’t want to be surrounded by cardboard in the house, so we unloaded everything into the garage, thinking we would just unpack from there.  We did unpack the essentials like kitchen stuff and clothes, which now leaves us wondering just how much we need all that other junk out there… books, CDs, old papers, photos, etc.  Well, the problem is really not having any furniture to put that stuff on/in.  Anyway…

In addition to the Ag Library (and thanks to one very helpful fellow student called Brandy!), I’m now working part-time at the Rare Books & Manuscripts library for the summer.  About seven of us are cataloging old, old books that have never had a decent record in the library system.  Beautiful ancient old books.  I’ll have to try to take a picture for you all.  On top of that, I’ll have another job for the school year, too.  Can you guess where?  The Modern Languages and Linguistics library!!!  Dream come true for Sara!  Working with the German librarian to update their website!  How cool is that!  The Ag library job is going well – I might get the chance to revamp their website.  As a preview, I turned this and this into this.  Everyone there seemed to like it, so now we just have to figure out what to do with the website as a whole.

We’re off to get food.  Have a great weekend folks!