We finally have internet at home. We're finally on Illinois time, more or less. We're establishing routines, roughly.

And I'm finally catching up on about two weeks' worth of blog reading. Most of the people I read, I have never met, but I always find something in their posts to chew on for a good long time. It's like reading several short stories at once, and in some cases, the characters across the stories know each other – which is *really* interesting. In other cases, it's like the movie Magnolia and over time some of these people will meet and know each other – also interesting.

At random, I want to collect some of the really cool stuff I've been reading here since some of it is too old for comments to be left at the original blog.

Speaking of "at the original blog" … that makes for a good jumping place. D. Hawhee was discussing the significance of using "at" a blog vs. "in" a blog – such as "at" a place vs. "in" a journal. I'm not sure which one I use. Since I usually mention blogs online, I quote the blog/writer with an "according to" or "so-so says" and make the name a link. Maybe I think of blogs as conversations. But between the "at" vs. "in" options, I would probably use "at" because it carries over from how we mention websites. "At npr.org there's a great little article about…" I think websites in general started getting the "at" preposition because we tell each other to "go to" certain web addresses, we give URLs like they're street directions, and we don't have any sort of book or journal to look "in"… and I really like this analogy because, as a future librarian, I do think the reference part of my job will be more and more about navigation. On that note, I also followed the " OFL (our favorite librarian" string from one of Debbie's recent posts and found one about the UI library, that made me laugh and even feel better about my move here. I'm not the only one asking those questions!

Back in Oregon, good friend Michelle has a job interview! I hope she gets what she wants, whatever that might be. And I hope the cats at her workplace don't give her too much grief about it. 🙂

In other news, Mel is finally back in her own element and writing great stuff about books (1, 2). I love reading about people who love reading. Warms that library heart of mine.