Over the past couple weeks, two people I know have pushed themselves to extremes, made sacrifices, worked to the bone, and just all 'round been incredible SuperPeople.  

Chris, a dear friend of ours, has given up at least two weekends plus multiple weeknights to help us get rid of and/or pack up all our crap. (Why do we have so much crap?!) He's given up hours and hours that could have been spent on working, eating, sleeping, socializing, traveling just to help us out.  He's been a godsend (or, as his name suggests, "a bringer of Christ").  

Lori, love of my life, has been going non-stop to get things sorted, wrapped up, packed up, figured out, put together, and on schedule.  We're both bruised, stiff, sore, fatigued, stressed, and yet she's still beautiful and charming.  After several days of hauling junk down three flights of stairs and climbing back up the stairs, we're trying to get our good night's rest in sleeping bags on our very hard floor.  What she deserves is a good massage, a hot bath, and a full night on a comfy plush bed.  

I have no idea how to give back to these two heroes.  One of those wish-I-had-a-lot-more-money moments.  I would lavish all sorts of thank-you presents on both of them.  But I don't have lots-of-money so what are my other options?  We're leaving in a week! 

When I brainstorm, I come up with…
   – maybe we could have a big grand dinner for Chris and Sarah, but, oh yeah, we don't have a single pot or pan in the house or any other cooking utensil for that matter
   – maybe we could get him some really nice present, but, oh yeah, that whole money issue
   – maybe I could get Lori a full treatment at the spa, but… see above
   – at the very least, I could find us something more comfortable to sleep on for this last week, like borrow an air mattress
   – I could look into finding moving help for when we get to Illinois
   – we could keep brainstorming and get Chris something fantastic for Christmas

Ideas?  Please?