Lori and I have been so busy these past few weeks with preparing to move that I don’t think we’re giving ourselves enough time to mentally psych up for the transition.

Big dreamy ideas that I’ve been entertaining:

  • since I’ll have to find a whole new routine in Illinois, I can finally sculpt for myself the routine I really want, complete with daily exercise, reading, and writing
  • once we get settled, I’ll try going completely vegan
  • I’ll finally be far, far away from the really annoying aspects of Corvallis

… but I have to remind myself that:

  • just because our location is changing, doesn’t mean our old habits will change
  • we won’t be able to completely unpack for our first two months because we’ll just be in a sublet
  • Illinois will have unique annoying aspects of its own (uh, Unofficial?)

I’m thinking back on the stages of culture shock that I had to read about before going over to Germany. Since we’ll be changing apartments within just two months of arrival, I think our culture shock stages will either repeat or just get plain screwy. But I hope that as two educated, intelligent women, we’ll be able to recognize our little withdrawal and adjustment phases and find a healthy balance quickly. We’ve already talked about the importance of establishing a sort of daily outline as soon as we get there, and I think that will help a lot.

I’m most worried about our housing, really. That could make or break our first impressions of our new city. I’ve never sublet before so I’m not even sure what to expect from this experience. I hope it’s simple, straightforward, open/close. I hope the place is nice, considering we’ve only seen photos. I hope we find a place for August that will actually let us move in sometime in late July. The sooner we can unpack and spread out, the better. I hope Lori is really, really happy there. I don’t want her to be disappointed by the move.

And friends. We will definitely miss our friends. How do you have a proper housewarming without them? Chris, Sarah, Jessee, Susan, Astrid, Jane, Lisa, Maggie, may we all find ourselves sipping a ‘cello one day in our future kitchen in Illinois.