Okay, so I'm sharing an inside joke with you. In order to get the inside joke, you should know that the library where I work has a permanent art collection throughout the building and each picture has its own little label beside it with artist and title info. One day – over two years ago, when my Lori was working here, too – she noticed this "addition" to the library's art collection, hanging neatly on a blank wall on the 1st floor complete with its own little label:

HeMan Puzzle

Mind you, nothing had been stolen. That wall had simply never been assigned any art. So a couple students decided to honor the poor lonely wall with their own artwork – a glued together He-man puzzle. The puzzle and label have been proudly displayed at my desk ever since. I've even met the creators and they were very happy that someone kept it. The best part is, they don't mind that I'm taking it to Illinois with me. To me, it represents the future of libraries – user customization, random information, and all the pieces coming together to form a familiar picture.