So yesterday I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. I called bright and early before our garage sale because she’s on Georgia time and my bright-and-early is her brunch time. Once again, my dad did not come to the phone. My mom did not turn on the speakerphone. No communication with my father for over a month now.

So my question to you, reader, is should I call my dad on Father’s Day? Let’s just say June 18 rolls around with the current communication levels still in place. Do I force the issue? Do I tell my mom to put him on the phone whether he likes it or not?

See, it’s not even about Father’s Day for me. Up until a couple years ago, I never even noticed when Mother’s & Father’s Days went by. I think I’m asking the question above because in my impatient eyes my dad is being a baby about all this and Father’s Day would be an excuse to make him talk about it. Or at least talk to me. But is that rushing things? But if I don’t force it, will we go on like this forever?