That last post was a test for the sake of Our Road Trip, coming up in a mere (drumroll) 30 days!! We’ll be camping our way across the country, so no computer access unless we get lucky and find an internet cafe in the middle of Wyoming. Thus, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to email blog postings to WordPress — everything I’ve read in the forums says it can’t be done on the free version ( so I was trying to find a work-around. I tried importing from Blogger, but I’d have to initiate the import for every single post… which requires a computer.

So what did I end up using? Flickr, of all things. I can send an email (photo message) to a Flickr address that automatically drops the photo in my Flickr account and in my blog as a post. A-ha! The down sides is are: 1) the generic file name of the photo becomes the post’s title, but I can always edit that later [as I did] and 2) the post content requires the tedious method of text messaging, which is not exactly conducive to waxing poetic or going on at length about the rugged scenery. Maybe that’s not a bad thing… depends on whom you ask, I guess.

Nevertheless, I’ll be writing about four days’ worth of blog posts from my cell phone come the end of May. Maybe cell phones will make an appearance in the Writing Technologies class? Not my favorite medium, but they sure are handy.