As I mentioned earlier, I've stumbled upon a wonderful criss-crossing web of academic blogs that have reminded and enlightened me about the traps one faces in higher education… namely, one's self. Our procrastination, our hesitation, our second-guessing, our indecision. The theme I see running across almost every academic blog I've read so far is the feeling of not getting enough done. Never enough time. Always more grading, research, proposals, search committees, articles, and clueless students (not to mention those nasty department politics).

And here I am, on the verge of jumping into my own deep pool of – at the very least – a master's program or – hopefully – a double master's leading to a PhD.

Am I crazy?

Reading this article at the academic coach blog has intrigued and worried me. The Intrigue: graduate students making something of a name for themselves with their blogs. The Worry: incriminating blog remarks coming back to bite you.

This article made me stop again and think about whether or not I really want to be identifying myself on this blog. My gut instinct says I would stop writing if I couldn't be writing as *me*. I've noticed the careful anonymity employed by other academic bloggers — using all sorts of creative euphamisms to describe their partners, employers, and even home towns. If I wasn't such a visual person, that might work for me. But I know I'll be using photos in my blog anyway – some of them featuring the people in my life, possibly myself (see sidebar) – and I don't actually use my name on this blog anywhere, so it's not at though a simple Google search for me, individually, would bring anyone here. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to post anything here that would hurt people.

Ah, but what about those times when something really needs to be vented and the venting would implicate certain persons? Such as right now, someone close to me has a working situation that is downright awful and I would love to lambast the tyrant to shreds, but it could backfire on the someone close to me. So I have to keep my blogging mouth shut in order to protect the innocent.

I'd be doing that whether I was identified on this site or not. Keeping my blog mouth shut, that is. This is the internet. There's no way to be completely invisible anymore.

Anyway… it's a very interesting article about blogging and graduate students. I hope I'll grow this little bloglet into such read-worthy material.