Regarding the last post… we sent out some feelers asking about that apartment and learned that the landlord is, unfortunately, a slumlord so we’re back to searching for an apartment again.

The assistantship is still a possibility, I hope. We need to schedule a second interview and then I suppose an official decision will be made. The position itself sounds great, the department sounds great, I really hope I get it.

And I am writing this on my iBook even as I … write this. I’ve customized all the basic display stuff, the Dock, downloaded a few more widgets for the Dashboard, added Firefox for my own sanity (Safari doesn’t even show the formatting buttons in WordPress, what’s up with that?), and now I almost feel like an Apple native. My favorite part has been learning all the keyboard shortcuts. On Windows, I use shortcuts for everything – opening menus, opening programs, designing documents. In fact, I don’t have a single icon on my Windows desktop at my job. Don’t need ’em. I’ve arranged / renamed all the icons in the Start Menu so that within three keystrokes I can open whichever program I need. Why hasn’t the whole world done this?

So here I am in this Mac environment with what seems like a very different operating system at first, but already discovering the wonderful ways to keyboard my way around. F2 for the menu bar, F3 for the Dock, and then of course the lovely Expose shortcuts. I learned a lot from Switching to the Mac out of the O’Reilly series.
In the end, I still have two out of three of those “Everything’s going so well!” highlights from the last post. That’s not too bad, I’d say. Still shows progress.