Grad school update:

I also applied to the library school at Simmons College. I had my second interview this morning with their admissions committee. Last week I spoke with Dr. Cinlar from the History department and this morning I spoke with Dr. Bastian, head of the Archives/History dual degree. Both conversations left me wishing I was in grad school now. To have brief conversations like that regularly.

The moral of the story is, boys and girls, all you people in school right now should stop complaining and go have a drink with a professor or two… or more. You have no idea what kind of opportunities are spinning around you right now. The people, man, it's about the people. When you get out into the cubicle world, all that mental stimulation you keep putting off and bitching about is going to seem like the long lost opium that you'll never taste again but will forever crave.

That's why once I'm back in school, they'll have to drag me out kicking and screaming. I'll get one Master's degree. Then a second one. Then a doctorate degree. Then I'll just have post-doc appointments forever and ever. Research this, research that. Write a paper. Publish an article. Go to a few dozen conferences every year.

Why do you think Tevye, in Fiddler on the Roof, singsTevye
"If I were a rich man…
… I'd discuss the holy books
with the learned men,
several hours every day.
And that would be – the sweetest thing – of all.
Dig it?
Because once you get out of that environment – where everyone around you is having to read something or research something – the chances of talking about really cool shit like the French Revolution, the nature of gravity, or the linguistic similarities between Sanskrit and English go WAY down. You'll find yourself talking about TV shows, repeating media gossip, and since you'll be working full-time (which is not worth it, don't do it) and not paying for textbooks anymore, you'll have money to buy stupid crap you don't need. The real world is completely fake. Don't go there. It's a bad place.